let us help you discover our island home

Tasmania is a beautiful island rich in history and natural wonders. It's a fantastic island to tour because of its size and changing environment. Within just a short drive you can travel from windswept mountain tops to glorious white sandy beaches or vibrant cities to ancient rain forest. The roads are uncongested, the scenery is beautiful and the locals are warm and friendly. All these factors combine to make Tasmania a relaxed, interesting and easy touring destination.

Customised Packages

If you have a group and would like a customised touring package, please feel free to contact us. We can help you with accommodation choices and bookings, itinerary planning and transport while in Tasmania. We are very flexible and each year work with a wide range of groups ranging from budget family holiday packages to 5 star luxury tours, car clubs, bush walking groups, golf groups and more.

Customised Coach Tours of Tasmania

Being local, we know all the secret spots that will make your holiday one to remember. We work with some of Australia's leading coach companies helping them develop unique and interesting Tasmanian tours. 

We also work with many clubs and special interest groups helping them develop customised packages for Tasmania, including: Car Clubs, Golf Tours, Walking Clubs, and Craft Groups